Since 2006, in addition to providing top-notch service to all types of domestic and import vehicles, Rob's Tire & Auto has custom built the machines that have redefined what a performance car can be. The oldest and most respected enthusiast Thunderbird builder in the Carolina's, we have been building elite Fords for drivers and enthusiasts for years before other builders knew such a market existed.

Quality. Service. Craftsmanship. These are words that don't often apply in the auto service industry, but they are words we live by. At Rob's cars are not thrown together with little thought for the vehicles current and potential capabilities. They're not just given a quick fix and then sent out the door without a thorough inspection.

And "is it the best?" is the first question we ask when selecting components, not "how cheap can you make it?" For high volume, cookie cutter repair shops there are a thousand choices. When you're ready for something more, call Rob's.

Throughout this site you'll discover the cars and the processes that make Blue Muscle Performance unique. You'll see our work through detailed reviews of various vehicles. You'll read how our clients feel about what we've built for them. And most importantly, you can begin imagining what we can create for you...

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We are conviently located in the heart of historic, Carthage, NC. Just a scenic drive from the following locations:

Approximate Travel Time
Southern Pines and Pinehust, NC
0:20 to 0:30
Fort Bragg and Pope AFB, NC
Fayetteville, NC
Raleigh, NC
Durham, NC
Greensboro, NC
Charlotte, NC
2:00 to 2:40

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